Introduction - Nemasket River - Wareham's Tremont Nail Factory

Drone imagery gathered around the SRPEDD Region.

In the Spring of 2018, SRPEDD launched a new Drone Program to better serve our communities using small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUASs - also known as "drones").  Our goal is to use drones to gather valuable site photos, generate 3D data, such as point clouds, and to otherwise provide "bird's-eye" insights into our region.  SRPEDD maintains a specially insured, FAA-certified remote pilot who works with staff planners and community stakeholders to meet our overall program goals and add value to specific projects.

This web page features content from the Drone Program's first few projects, including a DLTA-funded, comprehensive drone survey of Wareham's historic Tremont Nail Factory. The page also includes images and videos created in support of other projects. Please explore this information to get a sense of how we can serve your community.

Please contact Kevin Ham or Grant King, AICP, with any questions or comments.

Nemasket River Survey

SRPEDD captured imagery along the Nemasket River in Lakeville, MA in order to help the community and river stewards better understand the condition of the river. You can click on each dot to select a picture from the flight.

SRPEDD also produced a video of a portion the river:


Wareham's Tremont Nail Factory

SRPEDD gathered this information on June 6 and June 20, 2018.  The second flight day also captured images of Main Street and Merchant's Way in Wareham Village. 

Bird's-eye photo of Wareham Village, taken by SRPEDD's Drone, flying above the Wankinco River.

A bird's-eye photo of Wareham Village, taken by SRPEDD's Drone, flying above the Wankinco River.

This sample video gives you a brief bird's-eye tour of the historic Tremont Nail Factory and adjacent Wankinco River.  SRPEDD's drone can take videos of similar sites, natural and man-made corridors, traffic behavior at busy intersections, tide cycles, and many other planning-related places and events.


This video shows you the nuts and bolts inside the Pix4D software that enables SRPEDD to gather plainmetric data, digital elevation and surface models, and other extremely accurate site information to inform project planning.


Screenshot of the Wareham Tremont Nail Pix4D Project.

Please click on this screenshot of the Tremont Nail Pix4D Project in order to explore it in "MAP" view and "3D MODEL" view.  The Point Cloud includes extremely accurate orthomosaics, a Digital Surface Model (DSM), and a user interface you can use to explore the site.  You can also use the map below to review the updated orthomosaic photos.



Photos of (from left to right) the Tremont Nail Factory Sluiceway (looking west), the Route 6 Bridge over the Wareham River (looking north to Wareham Village), and Zecco Marina on the Wareham (looking north to the Route 6 Bridge).


Photos of (from left to right) Amazon's Fall River facility, Mansfield's commuter rail station and just east of the train station (looking north)



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