What is the MPO?

Metropolitan Planning Organizations are established in urbanized areas across the nation toimplement federally mandated transportation planning.  The MPO decides how to spend federal funds for transit projects and both state and federal funds for roadway and bridge projects.

The Southeastern Massachusetts MPO was restructured in 1997 to add eight elected officials.  Previously the MPO members were only state and regional agency representatives.  The Secretary of Transportation is the Chairman of all of the 13 MPOs in the Commonwealth.  Deputy Secretary David Mohler has been representing the Secretary at this region’s MPO meetings.  Mayor Kevin Dumas is the Vice-Chairman of the MPO.

The SRPEDD Transportation Planning Staff provides technical support and coordination 
services for the MPO.  This includes organizational support, public outreach, the preparation of certification documents, transportation studies and reports, regional transportation modeling, and transit planning. 
The Joint Transportation Planning Group (JTPG), consisting of appointed delegates from each of SRPEDD’s member municipalities is the transportation advisory body and citizen participation tool of the MPO.  The SRPEDD Transportation Planning Staff works with the JTPG to prepare the Regional Transportation Plan, the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the Unified Planning Work Program.  The MPO is responsible for the preparation and approval of each of these documents.  

To view additional documents regarding the MPO please go to out Resource Library and search MPO.
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