DRAFT Proposed Berkley Village Overlay District

This webpage presents information regarding the DRAFT Proposed Berkley Village Overlay District.  This project, sponsored by the Berkley Planning Board, seeks to add a new zoning overlay district and design guidelines to the area directly around Berkley Common.  This new overlay district will be in addition to existing zoning.  That is to say, it does not change or replace existing zoning; it only provides property owners with additional new options to enable traditional village-style development.
THE PLANNING BOARD WANTS YOUR HELP!  PLEASE ATTEND THE PUBLIC WORKSHOPS TO PROVIDE YOUR VALUABLE INPUT TO THIS PROJECT.  The first workshop will take place at 7 PM on Thursday, October 8 in the new Town Hall.  The second workshop will take place a 7 PM on Thursday November 5 in the same location.  Please click here to download a flyer for these meetings.

Document Library

DRAFT Berkley Village Rendering

DRAFT rendering of possible development under the Proposed Overlay District.

Interactive Map

This map presents parcel data for several properties in Berkley Village.  Please click on each parcel to access basic information (such as address, ownership, and lot size) and dimensional measurements (such as front setback, frontage, and lot coverage).  Be sure to zoom in and out (using your mouse or the '+' and '-' signs) and to view satellite imagery (using the button in the top right of the map).

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