Please click here to check out our Regional Bicycle Plan

SRPEDD’s bicycle and pedestrian planning program provides a regional vision for bicycle and pedestrian transportation for Southeastern Massachusetts.  These two modes of transportation are essential to a sustainable and healthy transportation system and therefore are given a high priority at SRPEDD.  Specifically, this program consists of the following components:

  • Providing technical assistance to local communities in planning bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements, from multi-use paths to on-road bike lanes to sidewalks;
  • Supporting two regional bicycle committees, the South Coast Bikeway Committee and the Taunton River Trail Committee (go to Regional Bicycle Plan for more information);
  • Laying out a regional plan for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure that is a component of the 2012 Regional Transportation Plan;
  • Participating in and hosting regional bicycling events. Photos from past events can be seen here.

Please note that the interactive regional bike map is under construction and will return in the coming months.  For questions, please contact SRPEDD.



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