The following activities are recent program highlights being completed by the Comprehensive Staff.  Please click the links below for more details.

South Coast Rail Community Priority Area 5-Year Update

South Coast Rail FY 14 Technical Assistance Awards

District Local Technical Assistance CY 13 Awards

Zoning Reform 2013 Consensus Bill - Current Status: Massachusetts is a home-rule state, wherein, subject only to constitutional limitations, all powers in the realm of planning, zoning and the regulation of subdivision reside at the municipal level unless limited in some way by the legislature.  The primary purpose of a zoning act (note: not a zoning “enabling” act) in a home rule state is to guide or place limits on local authority, not to authorize powers communities already possess.  Nonetheless, some prior state laws purporting to “authorize” certain planning tools and techniques by calling them out in statute have unintentionally been limiting, not liberating.  However, due to some contradictory court decisions, it may be beneficial to define and authorize the use of some planning tools, in particular those that may be constitutionally challenged.  To learn more click here for more information on the Summary of Consensus Bill and the HD3216 Factsheet.




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