SRPEDD's Comprehensive Planning Department conducts a variety of planning efforts under three main Programs:  

District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA)

Municipal Assistance (MA)

South Coast Rail Technical Assistance (SCR TA)

Rendering of the proposed Rochester Village Center Overlay District

Rendering of the proposed Rochester Village Center Overlay District.



  • Grant King, AICP

    Director of Comprehensive Planning & Housing
    508-824-1367, ext. 314

  • Bill Napolitano

    Environmental Program Director
    508-824-1367, ext.315

  • Donald Sullivan

    Economic Development/Community Development Director
    508-824-1367, ext. 316

  • Jed Cornock, AICP

    Principal Comprehensive Planner & Contract Coordinator
    508-824-1367, ext. 318

  • Eric Arbeene, AICP

    Principal Comprehensive Planner & Chief Procurement Officer
    508-824-1367, ext. 317

  • Sara Brown

    Comprehensive Planner
    508-824-1367, ext. 313

  • Karen M. Porter

    GIS Specialist/IT Manager
    508-824-1367, ext. 227

  • Kevin Ham

    Homeland Security & Planning Analyst & FAA Certified Drone Pilot
    508-824-1367, ext 239

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