The following plans and projects contain recommendations for future improvements to our environment network at both the regional and local scale.  Click the plan/project title to either go to a specific page or to download/view the associated report.

(The individual documents that make up this full report are also available in the Resource Center.)

Three Mile ACEC Plan-The Three Mile River flows approximately eight miles in a southwest direction from the confluence of the Rumsford and Wading rivers in the Town of Norton, through City of Taunton and the Town of Dighton, where it converges with the Taunton River.  The Three Mile River watershed is rich in history, biology, scenery and recreation, fisheries and agriculture.

Mill River ProjectThis webpage features documentation of the Hopewell Mills Dam Removal project in Taunton, MA.  A partnership of nonprofit groups and state and federal agencies has brought about the Mill River Restoration, a project that will involve the removal or retrofit of several dams on this important Taunton River tributary, allowing migratory species like river herring and American eel to access an additional 30 miles of river habitat, as well as upstream lakes and ponds.  Hopewell Mills Dam is first barrier that herring encounter as they’re traveling upstream from the sea, via the Taunton River, and is the first dam to be removed from the Mill River.  This webpage features documentation of the Hopewell Mills Dam Removal project in Taunton, MA.

Plymouth Carver Aquifer Plan- The Plymouth Carver Aquifer is the second largest sole-source aquifer in Massachusetts, supplying drinking water for seven Southeastern Massachusetts  towns.  The PCA covers approximately 200 square miles.

Final Report for Phase I of the Taunton River Watershed Study- This Taunton River Watershed Management Plan is intended to be a comprehensive long-term roadmap to protect and restore the sensitive natural resources of the Taunton watershed while enhancing the quality of life and vitality of the residents who live, work and play in the watershed.

Phase II for the Taunton River Watershed Study- The plan encompasses all 42 communities and over 560 square miles of the Taunton River watershed, the second largest watershed in Massachusetts, and we hope to get as many of you invoiced as possible.  The Horsley Witten Group, Inc. and the Taunton River SRPEDD has partnerships with a number of organizations and project committees within the Massachusetts transportation arena.  The following is a list of links to those partners. 

The Taunton River Wild and River Study- The Taunton River in Southeastern Massachusetts is a hidden treasure, an undiscovered gem.  This little known  river is both rich in history and environmental resources.  The River also provides a multitude of recreational activities from camping and canoeing to snowshoeing and bird watching.

Regional Open Space Alliance- The Regional Open Space Alliance (ROSA) Regional Open Space Plan supplement was developed by a committee comprised of appointed municipal representatives working with the regional planning agency (SRPEDD).

Ten Mile/Mt. Hope Bay Watershed Regional Open Space & Recreation Plan, 2001-2005The municipalities within the Ten Mile River and Narragansett/MountHope Bay Watersheds are at a crossroads in planning to meet the conservation, recreation and open space needs of their citizens over the next several years.  While great deal of time and effort is being spent on updating local Open Space Plans, Master Plans, Community Action Statements and growth management related studies, it has become very apparent that how we plan regionally may be one of the most important tasks we undertake.  Our shared regional resources, including, water supplies, natural land riparian corridors, cultural resources, historical resources, archeological resources and numerous others, continue to be threatened and encroached upon, as we continue to grow.






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