The following are recent SRAC Homeland Security projects:
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SRAC Equipment Resource Guidebook, Second Edition 2012 (last revision October 26, 2016)

This is the second edition of the SRAC's Equipment Resource Guide Book developed by the Southeast Regional Homeland Security Advisory Council (SRAC) on behalf of its 96 cities and towns and the Wampanoag Nation.  The main purpose of this resource guide book is to provide first responders with a "low-tech" option to locating valuable equipment resources during natural or man-made disasters within the Southeast Region.

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Dukes County Technical Trench Rescue Training Video

Thirteen firefighters who are members of the Dukes County regional technical rescue team, participated in an intensive 24-hour trench rescue training course off High Point Lane in Tisbury. The goal of the training is to prepare the team to be able to immediately respond in the event of an trench accident at a construction site or a beach for example.


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