A Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a community's proactive strategy for planning and developing housing that is affordable for its residents.  The plan creates a strategy to enable the community to meet its affordable housing needs in a manner consistent with the Chapter 40B statute and regulations and to develop housing unit diversity that can enable residents to reduce their housing cost burden.  The first step in developing a plan is a detailed Housing Needs Assessment.  Through extensive review of demographic and housing data, a community develops a community profile, conducts an inventory of the housing characteristics and evaluates the housing needs of the community’s residents.   A community then develops strategies by

which it can meet its housing needs. 

Information about the Housing Production Plan can be found on the Department of Housing and Economic Development’s (DHCD's) website.

SRPEDD is available to assist communities with the development of their Housing Production Plan and has assisted with several plans. 

Dartmouth (approved 2013)

Dighton (approved 2014)

Freetown (2017, approval pending)

Lakeville (approved 2018)

Mansfield (2016, approval pending)

Mattapoisett (approved 2010)

Rehoboth (approved 2015)

Seekonk (approved by Planning Board 2010)

Westport (approved 2012) 



  • Grant King, AICP

    Director of Comprehensive Planning & Housing
    508-824-1367, ext. 314

  • Bill Napolitano

    Environmental Program Director
    508-824-1367, ext.315

  • Donald Sullivan

    Economic Development/Community Development Director
    508-824-1367, ext. 316

  • Jed Cornock, AICP

    Principal Comprehensive Planner & Contract Coordinator
    508-824-1367, ext. 318

  • Eric Arbeene, AICP

    Principal Comprehensive Planner & Chief Procurement Officer
    508-824-1367, ext. 317

  • Sara Brown

    Comprehensive Planner
    508-824-1367, ext. 313

  • Karen M. Porter

    GIS Specialist/IT Manager
    508-824-1367, ext. 227

  • Kevin Ham

    Homeland Security & Planning Analyst & FAA Certified Drone Pilot
    508-824-1367, ext 239

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