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The Town of Marion will hold public meetings on Monday, September 18 at 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday, October 14, at 9:00 a.m. at the Sippican School Multi-Purpose Room, 16 Spring Street. The purpose of these meetings is to present the final Master Plan that will be put forth for approval at the Fall Town Meeting on Monday, October 23, 2017. The Planning Board, with the help of the regional planning agency, Southern Regional Planning and Economic Development (SRPEDD) consulting group, prepared the Master Plan based on extensive public input through community forums and workshops since 2014. The Master Plan is the long-term vision document that helps guide the community’s growth and change, preserve its natural and cultural resources, and maintain public facilities and services. The Master Plan provides a basis for decision-making regarding the future of the Town.

Hard copies of the final draft Master Plan are available at the Planning Board office, the Town Clerk’s office, the Elizabeth Taber Library, and the Police Station. An electronic copy is available on the Town of Marion webpage, below in the document library, or by clicking the following links - 2017 Marion Master Plan and Appendix.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gil Hilario, Town Planner by email ghilario@marionma.gov or call 508-748-3513.

Post your comments below or on the Marion Master Plan Facebook page.

Continue reading below to learn about the nine elements of the Master Plan. This page also contains a comments section, interactive maps, and a document library of other relevant information. 

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Elements of the Master Plan

According to Massachusetts General Law, a Master Plan has nine required "elements" (or "sections"). Drafts of each element will be posted here as they are created. Feel free to comment on any part of the master plan using the comments board, below. 

1. Statement of Goals and Policies:  This element sets out Marion's vision for the future. It presents the community's values, its goals, and the patterns of development that will meet these goals.
2. Land Use:  In this section, the community describes its current and future land use patterns, including proposed locations for various activities such as residences, businesses, and recreation.
3. Housing:  The Housing element creates a plan to meet the town's housing needs, which are identified using demographic and market information.
4. Economic Development:  This section identifies policies and strategies for growing the town's economy by building upon local strengths and bringing new and compatible opportunities to Marion.
5. Natural and Cultural Resources:  This element is an opportunity for Marion to create an inventory of its natural, cultural, and historic resources.
6. Open Space and Recreation:  This section describes existing and future needs for open space and recreational facilities in town.
7. Services and Facilities:  The Services and Facilities element identifies and analyzes existing and anticipated needs for public infrastructure and services.
8. Circulation:  This section provides an inventory of existing and proposed transportation infrastructure and services. 
9. Implementation:  The Implementation section provides a blueprint and schedule for making the master plan a reality.



Use the discussion forum below to share your opinion and read others' (requires a free Gmail account to post). To start, click on a discussion topic and "reply" to one of the suggested questions or post on any other related issue. You may also post your ideas on the Marion Master Plan Facebook Page using your Facebook account. All input will be collected by the project team.

DISCLAIMER:  This forum is intended for public use.  Please identify yourself if you would like your comment to enter the public record.  Please also remain polite and on point.



The interactive map below provides background information for your Master Plan.  Use the links below this map to navigate to your town's other available maps.  Be sure to click on the map features to access "info bubbles" containing more details.





Document Library

The following documents provide background on the Marion Master Plan. Please click on a link and be sure to follow the instructions should the file be large.

2017 Marion Master Plan

Draft Master Plan Elements ("Chapters")

Workshop 1: September 27, 2014

Workshop 2: August 1, 2015

Workshop 3: October 24, 2015

Open House: January 4, 2016

Workshop: May 14, 2016




Plans and Reports


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