SRPEDD is again allocating 20 hours of municipal assistance to each commissioner.  This time may be used through you by the Board you represent or may be donated to another board or committee in your municipality.

The Municipal Assistance Program is described on the enclosed sheet, “SRPEDD Municipal Assistance Services”.  We have also enclosed a Municipal Assistance Request Form.

Some projects, such as the preparation of detailed maps, may require the direct expenditure of money for materials or outside services.  Commissioners requesting this type of project should be aware that SRPEDD would need to be reimbursed for these direct expenses. In cases where direct expenditures are needed, we recommend a meeting with the staff to discuss the project.  A scope of services, cost estimate and draft contract (if needed) are developed at this meeting for the purpose of local review and approval.

In addition to twenty hours of staff time available through each commissioner, SRPEDD will undertake additional work under contract.

By combining Municipal Assistance (free) time with a contract, we can undertake larger projects at a more reasonable cost. SRPEDD also offers additional technical assistance through other programs.

SRPEDD officers a variety of services to the cities and towns within the region.  Services may be provided without charges, as a benefit of the 17.395 cent per capita assessment paid each year.  Each SRPEDD Commissioner is entitled to 20 hours of staff time per fiscal year.  Each Planning Board representative is also entitled to 20 hours of staff time per fiscal year.




  • Don Sullivan

    Economic Development/Community Development Director
    508-824-1367, ext. 316

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