E-Gov Table

Excerpt from the SRPEDD E-Government White Paper; click the image to access the document.

  • Filing permits and license requests online
  • Paying fees, fines and taxes online
  • GIS Integration
  • Data consolidation and sharing

There are several informational pieces below that describe E-Gov processes, products, benefits and provide examples of implementation in other regions. 

If you would like to find out if an E-Government implementation will improve the efficiency of your governmental department, board or commission, check out the attached information and contact Ross Perry, rperry@srpedd.org.


  1. White paper, technical description of E-Government
  2. E-Gov Overview, presentation
  3. Case Studies
  4. Benefit of E-Permitting
  5. E-Gov in other areas
  6. Regional benefits of E-Gov, Capital Region Connecticut
  7. Summary of CRW e-Trakit product 
  8. DLS article on Cloud Computing 
  9. DOR article on On-line Payments
  10. Examples of Countrywide E-Gov implementations.
  11. Online permitting in Franklin County 
  12. E-Gov Implementation Goals and Cost savings presentation



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