SRPEDD offers programs to help two or more communities work together to share resources, including services, personnel, and large equipment.  This can be a great opportunity to provide new services for city and town residents while minimizing the cost to taxpayer through sharing the position or service with other communities.

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Group Purchasing-Office Supplies Case Study- In 
an effort to realize cost savings through economies of scale, SRPEDD organized eight towns in the region to collaborate with the town of Kingston, MA in a cooperative purchase agreement for office supplies.  By piggy backing the office supply needs of eight new municipalities onto the existing Kingston contract, SRPEDD maximized the purchasing power of communities across Plymouth and Bristol Counties.  The result was a 51% discount from the winning office supply vender.

In 2013, the contract was re-bid covering 25 communities with a combined annual purchase requirement of over $1.4M.  It resulted in a 54% discount from the winning vender and added savings on over 300 speacialy priced items.




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