The Public Participation Program (PPP) is the document that defines all public notification and involvement techniques that must be completed in creation of the TIP, T-Plan, transportation studies and Federal Transit Administration Section 5307 grants to GATRA and SRTA.  It is the policy of the Southeastern Massachusetts Metropolitan Planning Organization (SMMPO), in its role as the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the SRPEDD region, to support and encourage early and continuous public participation and input to the planning process and to adhere to the principles of Environmental Justice and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act as part of the metropolitan “3-C” planning process relating to transportation systems and facilities.  The SMMPO’s public participation program is designed to ensure opportunities for the public to express its views on transportation issues and become active participants in the regional planning and transportation “3-C” metropolitan decision-making process. 

To this end, the SMMPO also solicits, to the maximum extent possible, the input of all interested parties in the development of this Program.  The PPP policy is issued in “Draft” form and distributed at public meetings and posted on the website. Click the final 2020 Public Participation Plan to download and/or view this document.



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