The Regional Bicycle Plan is a long range plan for improving existing and implementing proposed bicycle facilities in the 27 Southeastern Massachusetts cities and towns included in the SRPEDD Region. Completed in 2016, the plan also contains guidance on design and funding for communities interested in developing facilities.

Major recommendations from the study include:









Caption: Infrastruture complete or under construction      Caption: Planned Bicycle Network

  • Promote intermodal connectivity by:
    • Improving bicycle access to transit stations. Improve signage, encourage bicycle-friendly developments and support facilities around transit stations.
    • Encourage the MBTA to investigate the possibility of allowing bicycles on peak‐hour trains by installing bicycle holders or racks on trains. Also work with MBTA to inventory bicycle accommodations at commuter rail stations and assess the needs for additional accommodations (bicycle lockers or racks).
    • Encourage the MBTA, GATRA and SRTA to provide more and better bicycle parking and provide information on bicycle policies and infrastructure on websites and other materials (ride guides/schedules).
  • Continue to support, through technical assistance, local and regional bicycle groups. Consider a region-wide bicycle group or yearly summit with representatives from local groups to share knowledge and promote interconnectivity between communities and planned routes.
  • Provide technical assistance to communities (especially those identified as having “gaps”) that wish to further analyze bicycle demand in their community and that desire to plan for and implement a bicycle master plan that will tie into a regional network for their community. (Interested? Contact us!)








Please click here for the final version of the SMMPO Regional Bicycle Plan.

Contact Jacqueline Schmidt at (508) 824-1367 or for more information.


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