Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) is giving the public an opportunity to express their views and opinions on the 2016 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).  The RTP is a blueprint of sorts of our existing and future transportation system to the year 2040. It looks at every facet of transportation including roads and bridges, travel patterns, public transportation such as buses, commuter rail, freight and airports, as well as bicycles and pedestrians. It assesses our transportation needs and identifies the necessary improvements to enhance our transportation system.

Please click here for the FINAL 2016 Regional Transportation Plan. 

Please click the links below to view the individual appendices.

Appendix A - Public Outreach Efforts  

Appendix B - Trends, Projects, and Travel Patterns

Appendix C - Congestion Management Plan

Appendix D - Safety Management 

Appendix E - Bridges

Appendix F - Pavement Management

Appendix G - Public Transit

Appendix H - Commuter Rail

Appendix I - Commuter & Intercity Bus Service

Appendix J - Regional Bicycle Plan

Appendix K - Pedestrian Transportation 

Appendix L - Airports

Appendix M - Freight & Intermodal

Appendix N - Environmental Coordination

Appendix O - Security

Appendix P - Financial

Appendix Q - Air Quality Transportation

Appendix R - Regional Project Distribution Title VI Equity Analyses


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