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The Resilient Taunton Watershed Network (RTWN)

Our overarching goal is to promote the resiliency of the Taunton Watershed in the face of climate change and development, considering ecological outcomes as well as economic, social, and environmental justice issues. A resilient watershed is one that has the capacity to adjust to stresses and disturbances, while still able to provide valuable ecosystem services and functions, such as provision of a clean and plentiful water supply and flood protection.  We will leverage our resources, knowledge, and skills, and work through an integrated watershed approach towards measurable results.

We are working together to identify and implement the most promising solutions that advance both ecological and economic wellbeing by protecting existing green infrastructure, promoting ecological restoration, integrating climate change concerns, and supporting programs and future development patterns that use land and infrastructure efficiently to improve conditions for all residents.

You can become a member of the RTWN to stay informed and to share your knowledge of the needs and issues in the watershed. All are welcome.

For more information, contact:

Anne Herbst, MAPC, (617) 933-0781

Eric Arbeene, OCPC, (508) 583-1833 x-213

Bill Napolitano, SRPEDD, (508) 824-1367 x-315


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Resilent Community Case Studies



RTWN Presentations



TNC’s  “Community Resilience Building”

After a decade of working directly with communities, I am proud to say the final Community Resilience Building Workshop Guide is complete.  “Community Resilience Building” is a tried and tested approach that is now trusted by over thirty five communities. You can get the Guide and much more at

The Community Resilience Building Workshop is a flexible “anywhere at any scale” comprehensive approach that gets municipalities, corporations, organizations, and agencies further down the resilience path.  For questions on possibilities and applications, contact:

Adam Whelchel, PhD
Director of Science – The Nature Conservancy



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