Transportation planning often requires traffic volume counts. The information obtained from these counts enables planners and engineers to study existing road and highway conditions that relate to the problem at hand. The ability to project volumes into the future provides the opportunity to identify potential problems before they develop, as well as seek solutions to existing situations.

The Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) 2016 Traffic Volumes Report is a comprehensive compilation of all traffic counts available throughout the 27 communities within the SRPEDD region for the last 10 years, through year end 2016. This particular report also includes counts conducted in Foxborugh, a community outside of SRPEDD's region. This report contains traffic information from a variety of sources: The Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District; Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT); and various consulting and engineering firms.

The report contains the most up-to-date traffic volumes adjusted with the 2016 MassDOT Weekday Seasonal Adjustment Factors, projected annual percentage growth rate for SRPEDD state numbered highways and the methodology necessary to project future traffic volumes on these roads. This report contains over 3,000 traffic counts, and approximately 140 new traffic counts conducted by SRPEDD over the last year. 

Click the following to download and/or view SRPEDD's Traffic Count Program documents:

Traffic Count Book Introduction

Traffic Count Book 2016

2015 Traffic Flow Map

Traffic Counts & Maps by Town (see Resource Library)

2016 Traffic Volume Counts

Traffic Counts by Route Number (see Resource Library)

2005-2015 Traffic Count Changes Map

Regional Traffic Count Map

Town Line Cross Reference

Click the following link to search for Traffic Count Data with MassDOT’s Transportation Data Management System:

MS2 Software Link 

Instructions for MassDOT’s Transportation Data Management System

  1. To find traffic count data in a specific community, type that name in the Community field in the Quick Search panel shown below.

  2. Click the Search button shown below.  You will be taken to a new screen with traffic count station data.

  3. To show all the traffic count stations on the map, click the Locate All button, shown below, near the top of the page.

  4. All the located count stations will show up on the map in turquoise boxes.  Use the map zoom bar to zoom into the location of interest.
  5. Click on the turquoise box to see brief traffic count information.
  6. Click on the blue View Detail link, shown below, to see historic data and other attributes for the location.



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